5000+ Best Frequently asked( gk ques) Gk questions With Answers in English 

gk ques

5000+ Frequently asked( gk ques) Gk questions With Answers in English

As we all know, General Knowledge or General Studies is considered very useful and crucial for most competitive exams. As there is no definite scope for this section, the contestants have to face a lot of difficulties. Keeping these in mind, Team Pmch Dhanbad has presented online a collection of fundamental questions asked under General Knowledge. The purpose of these online tests is not to measure your shortcomings. This online test allows you to highlight your weak sections and focus more on them.

gk ques

Punch Dhanbad General Knowledge Online Test is a collection of questions that are likely to be asked in any competitive exam. Here are several test quizzes for each topic, the preparation of which is very important for any general knowledge or general knowledge exam.


Many topics are given here. These quizzes will help you in increasing your general studies knowledge. All these questions are necessary for UPSC, SSC, Railway, NDA, RAS, BPSC, JPSC, UPPSC, CDS, and Banking exams. I have tried to compile GKand’s current affairs quiz in it so that you can always stay updated. I will endeavor to put more than 10 thousand questions/questions in front of you, but this is not an easy task, so it will take some time. Help will also have to be taken from important books like Lucent etc. Many questions of Samanya Adhyan in Economics, Political Science, History, Science, Geography, Sports, etc. will be compiled on this page.


Samanya Gyan asked these questions from Bharat Ka Itihas (History of India), Bharatiya Rajvyavastha (Indian Polity), Bharatiya Arthvyavastha (Indian Economy), Samanya Bhoogol (Geography), Vishv Ka Bhoogol (World Geography), Bhartiya Kala even Sanskrit, Samsamayik Ghatnkaram, Bharat Ka Bhoogol (Indian Geography), Physics, Rasayan Vigyan (Chemistry), Jeev Vigyan (Biology), Vaigyanik our Prodhogik Vikas, Paryavaran Vigyan (Environmental Science), Antarashtriya Sansthan (Internal Organizations) Khel-Kud (Sports-Related) Vividh (Miscellaneous) will cover. The pattern of the question will be astonishing / objective.

* The lightest metal is – Lithium

* The heaviest metal is – Osmium

* The hardest metal is – Platinum

gk questions with answers in English

* The hardest material is – Diamond

* The best coal is anthracite

* Pure form of water is – rainwater

* Marsh gas is called – methane

* The Nobel gas is called – Helium

* Electric current is measured – with an ammeter

* The main ore of mercury is – cinnabar

100 easy General knowledge questions and answers.

  1. Invented television – J. Ale. Baird (John Logie Baird)
  2. Invented Radar – Taylor and Young
  3. Who discovered gravity – Newton
  4. Which acid is present in vinegar and pickle – acetic acid
  5. Which acid is present in lemon and orange – citric acid
  6. Milk is sour – due to the lactic acid present in it
  7. The ink used in the hands of voters is – Silver Nitrate
  8. Earth rotates on its axis – from west to east
  9. Onions and garlic have an odor – due to the potassium present in them
  10. X-rays were discovered by – Röntgen
  11. Scooters – Brad Shaw gk ques
  12. Inventor of the Revolver – Colt
  13. Measures the depth of the sea – with the Fadometer
  14. DN a. The model of the structure was given by – Watson and Crick
  15. The first element to be made in the laboratory – urea
  16. Inventor of the Telephone – Graham Bell
  17. The first satellite launched by India – Arya Bhatt
  18. Penicillin was discovered by – Alexander Fleming
  19. Discovered the smallpox vaccine – Jenner
  20. The father of biology – Aristotle
  21. Inventor of Dynamite – Alfred Noble
  22. The first man to land on the moon – Neil Armstrong
  23. The first man to go into space – Yuri Gagarin
  24. largest bone – femur of thigh
  25. of the smallest-steppe ears
  26. The world’s largest flower – Reflexia
  27. Which vitamin contains cobalt – B12
  28. Anemia is cured by which vitamin- B12
  29. Night blindness is caused by the deficiency of vitamin – Vitamin A
  30. Which disease is caused by deficiency of Vitamin B – Beri Beri
  31. Which part of the body is affected by typhoid – the intestine
  32. Who discovered the rabies vaccine – Louis Pasteur
  33. Cholera and TB bacteria discovered – Robert Koch (1982)
  34. An iron element found in blood
  35. X rays are electromagnetic rays
  36. Air bubbles in water – Concave lens
  37. The weight of an object on the equator will be minimum

gk questions with answers in English

  1. The reason for the appearance of the sun before sunrise – the refraction of light
  2. Cause of Rainbow Formation – Refraction gk ques
  3. What is the effect on the speed of sound when the temperature is increased – it increases
  4. If we look at the sky from the moon, what will it look like – Black
  5. Separating urea from the body – the kidneys
  6. The color of human skin is formed due to melanin
  7. Used to ripen raw fruits – Ethylene



Most Important One Liner


Q.1. world’s driest place

Ans: Atacama Desert Chile


Q.2. world’s highest waterfall

Ans: Angel Falls


Q.3. world’s largest waterfall

Ans: Guayara Falls


Q.4. world’s widest waterfall

Ans: Khon Falls


Q.5. world’s largest saltwater lake

Ans: Caspian Sea


Q.6. world’s largest freshwater lake

Ans: lake superior


Q.7. world’s deepest lake

Ans: Lake Baikal


Q.8. world highest lake

Ans: Titicaca


Q.9. world’s largest artificial lake

Ans: Volga Lake


Q.10. world’s largest delta

Ans: Sundarbans Delta


Q.11. world’s greatest epic

Ans: Mahabharat


Q.12. world’s largest museum

Ans: American Museum of Natural History


Q.13. world’s largest zoo

Ans: Krueger National Park (D. Africa)


Q.14. world’s largest bird

Ans: Ostrich (Ostrich)


Q.15. world’s smallest bird

Ans: hummingbird


Q.16. world’s largest mammal

Ans: blue whale


Q.17. world’s largest temple

Ans: Temple of Angkor Wat  gk ques

Q.18. tallest statue of mahatma buddha in the world

Ans: Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia)


Q.20. world’s largest bell tower

Ans: The Great Bell of Moscow


Q.21. world’s largest statue

Ans: Statue of Liberty


Q.22. World’s largest Hindu temple complex

Ans: Akshardham Temple Delhi


Q.23. world’s largest mosque

Ans: Jama Masjid – Delhi


Q.24. the tallest mosque in the world

Ans: Sultan Hassan Mosque, Cairo


Q.25. world’s largest church

Ans: Vasilica of St. Peter (Vatican City)


Q.26. the longest railway line in the world

Ans: Trans – Siberian Line

gk questions with answers in English


Q.27. longest railway tunnel in the world

Ans: Seikan Railway Tunnel Japan


Q.28. world’s longest railway platform

Ans: Kharagpur P. Bengal 833


Q.29. world’s largest railway station

ans: Grand Central Terminal New York


Q.30. the busiest airport in the world

Ans: Chicago – International Airport


Q.31. Which river forms the delta of the Sundarbans?

Is ? 100 easy General knowledge questions and answers.

Answer: Ganga


Q.32. In which state is the largest network of railroads found in India?


Answer: Uttar Pradesh


Q.33. The United States’ Biggest

In which state is the gold mining mine ‘Homestake’?

situated at?

Answer: South Dakota


Q.34. Highest Andes Mountains (South America)

What is the name of the peak?

Answer: Aconcagua


Q.35. Which occupation in most plateau parts of the world

What is primacy?

Answer: Excavated


Q.36. Where is ‘Meseta Plateau’ located?

Answer: Spain and Portugal


Q.37. From where does the ‘Canadian Pacific Railroad’ go?

Answer: Halifax to Bangkok


Q.38. Indian Forest Survey Department established in 1981

Where is the headquarters?

Answer: Dehradun


Q.39. Names Black Hill, Blue Pahar and Green Pahar

In which country are the hills located?

Answer: United States  gk ques

Q.40. Where is the origin of the Chenab river

Answer: Baralacha Pass


Q.41. Where is coal found in abundance in India?

Answer: Gondwana region


Q.42. ‘Hirakud Project’

In which state and on which river is it situated?

Answer: Odisha, on the Mahanadi


Q.43. What is the capital of ‘Rwanda’?

 Answer: Kigali


Q.44. In which river is Mount Etna located?

Answer: Sicily (Italy)


Q.45. On which river is Australia situated?

Answer: Murray Daling (3717 km)


Q.46. Who discovered Greenland

did it?

Answer: Roberta Peary


Q.47. Which is the highest waterfall

Answer: Salto Angel (Venezuela)


Q.48. ‘Dodoma’ is the capital of which country?


Answer: Tanzania


Q.49. What is the capital of ‘Uganda’?

Answer: Kampala


Q.50. On which day is the distance from the Earth to the Sun

What is the minimum distance?

Answer: 3rd January


Q.51. Longest distance of -1° longitude-

is the minimum?

Answer: On the equator


Q.52. What is ‘roaring chalisa’?

Answer: Near 40° latitude in the Southern Hemisphere

a place where strong westerly winds blow


Q.53. Where is the original residence of the Maori?

Answer: New Zealand


Q.54. Which river are the rivers of Tungabhadra and Bhima?

that are tributaries?

Answer: Krishna river


Q.55. Highest of Chotanagpur Plateau

Which is the peak?

Answer: Parasnath


Q.56. Which is the largest peninsula in the world?

Answer: Arabian Peninsula (Area 32,50,000

sq km)


Q.57. Which of the following causes malaria from the cinchona tree?

Where is a medicine made?

Answer: Quinine


Q.58. India’s Largest Canal Project

which one is it?

Answer: Indira Gandhi Canal (Rajasthan Canal)



Q.59. Man-made lake in Bhakra-Nangal project

By what name is it known?

Answer: In the name of Govind Sagar


Q.60. Which planet is called ‘Red Star’

Is given?

Answer: Mars




  1. Largest continent of the world – Asia (30% of the world’s area)

2 . The world’s smallest continent – Australia

3 . The largest ocean in the world – the Pacific Ocean

4. The smallest ocean in the world – the Arctic Ocean

5. The deepest ocean in the world – the Pacific Ocean

6. The largest sea in the world – the South China Sea

7. The largest gulf in the world – the Gulf of Mexico

gk questions with answers in English

8. The largest island in the world – Greenland

9. The world’s largest island group – Indonesia

10. The longest river in the world – Nile River L. 6650 km

11. The river with the largest drainage area in the world – the Amazon River

12. The world’s largest tributary – Madeira (of the Amazon)

13. Busiest trading river in the world – Rhine River

6. The world’s largest river island – Majuli, India

17. The largest country in the world – Russia

18. The smallest country in the world – Vatican City (44 hectares)

19. Country with the most voters in the world – India

20. The country with the longest border line in the world – Canada

21. The country with the highest borderline in the world – China (13 countries)

22. The world’s largest desert – Sahara (Africa)  gk ques

23. Asia’s largest desert – Gobi

24. The highest mountain peak in the world – Mount Everest (8848 m)

25. The longest mountain range in the world – Andes (South America)

26. The hottest region in the world – Algeria (Libya)

27. The coldest place in the world – Vostok Antarctica

32. The largest saltwater lake in the world – the Caspian Sea

33. The largest freshwater lake in the world – Lake Superior

34. The deepest lake in the world – is Lake Baikal.

35. The highest lake in the world – Titicaca

36. The largest artificial lake in the world – Lake Volga

37. The world’s largest delta – Sundarban Delta

38. The greatest epic of the world – Mahabharata

39. The largest museum in the world – the American Museum of Natural History

40. The world’s largest zoo – Kruger National Park (D. Africa)

41. The largest bird in the world – Ostrich

42. The smallest bird in the world – the hummingbird

43. The largest mammal in the world – the blue whale

44. The largest temple in the world – the temple of Angkor Wat

100 easy General knowledge questions and answers.

46. The tallest tower in the world – Qutub Minar

47. The largest bell tower in the world – The Great Bell of Moscow

48. The largest statue in the world – the Statue of Liberty

49. World’s Largest Hindu Temple Complex – Akshardham Temple Delhi

50. The largest mosque in the world – Al Hayat, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

51. The tallest mosque in the world – Sultan Hassan Mosque, Cairo

52. The tallest building in the world – Burj Khalifa, Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

52. The largest church in the world – Vasilica of St. Peter (Vatican City)

53. The world’s largest Hindu population – India

54. The world’s largest Muslim population – Indonesia

55. The world’s largest Christian (Christian) population – the one with the nicotine

56. The largest Jewish population in the world – Israel

57. The world’s biggest Buddhist Abadi-China

58. The world’s largest terrorist organization – ISIS, Iraq-Syria

59. The world’s most wanted – Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (ISIS leader)

  1. 60. World’s biggest donor – Bill Gates

61. The most powerful person in the world – Barack Obama

62. The longest railway platform in the world – Kazakhstan

63. The world’s largest train station – Grand Central Terminal New York

64. Busiest airport in the world – Chicago – International Airport

65. Largest airport in the world – King Khalid Airport Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

66. The world’s largest port – Uzbekistan

67. The longest dam in the world – Hirakud Dam Orissa

68. Highest dam in the world – Regunsky (Tajikistan)

69. Highest Road in the World – Leh Manali Road

70. The world’s largest road bridge – Bogibeel Assam on the Brahmaputra river

71.highest volcano in the world – Mount Cotopaxi

72. Most staffed department in the world – Indian Railways

73. Highest Cricket Ground in the World – Chail Himachal Pradesh

74. The largest library in the world – Library of Congress London

75. The largest museum in the world – British Museum London


The important paragraph in the Indian constitution


Article 1:- India shall be a union of states.


Article 2:- Accession or establishment of new states


Article 3:- Formation of state and change of boundaries or names


Article 5-11:- Citizenship

gk questions with answers in English


Article 12-35:- Fundamental Rights


Article 36-51:- Directive Principles of Policy


Article 51A:- Fundamental Duties


Article 39A: – The state government will make arrangements for equal justice and free legal aid for all.


Article 40:- Organization of Village Panchayats


Article 44 – Uniform Civil Code


Article 48:- Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Organization


Article 48 A: – Protection of environment, forest, and wildlife


Article 49: – Protection of national monument places and objects


Article 50 – Separation of judiciary from the executive


Article 51 – International peace and security


Article 52:- President


Article 63:- Vice President


Article 74:- Prime Minister


Article 153: Governor


Article 75:- Provisions as to Ministers


Article 76:- Attorney General of India


Article 78:- Duties of Prime Minister


Article 79:- Parliament  gk ques


Article 80:- Rajya Sabha


Article 81:- Lok Sabha


Article 168:- Assembly


Article 169:- Legislative Council


Article 148-151:- Comptroller and Auditor General


Article 124-147:- Supreme Court


Article 214-231:- High Court


Article 123:- Power of President to issue ordinances


Article 213:- Power of Governor to issue ordinances


Article 244 – Scheduled Tribe Area


Article 330:- Reservation to Scheduled Tribes


Article 280:- Finance Commission


Article 324 :- Election Commission


Article 343 – National language


Article 370:- Jammu and Kashmir special


Article 352 – National emergency


Article – President’s rule in 356 states


Article 360: Financial emergencies


Article 368: Constitutional Amendment

Top Important Questions and Answers related to Indian Geography:


Location and extent of India. Geography of India


The area of ​​India is what is the total geographical area of ​​the world? -2.4%


What is the rank of India in the world in terms of size? -7th


What percentage of the world’s total population lives in India – 16.7%


What is the area of ​​India? -32,87,263 sq km


What is the length of India from north to south? -3,214 km


What is the length of India from east to west? -2,933 km


What is the length of the land border of India? -15,200 km


What is the length of the coastline of India? – 6,100 km


What is the length of the coastline of India including islands? -7,516.5 km


How far is the southern part of India from the equator – 876 km


How many states in India have a coastline? –9


Which Indian state has the longest coastline? –Gujarat


Which Indian state has the shortest coastline? -Goa


Which latitude line passes through the middle of India? -Tropic of Cancer


The Tropic of Cancer passes through how many states of India? 8


What is the southern tip of mainland India? -Cape Comorin


It is the southernmost point of India. Indira Point


The northernmost part of the Indian land is – Indira Kaul


Between which countries is the Adam’s Bridge located? -India and Sri Lanka


Where is Duncan Pass located? South Andaman and Little Andaman


Diu is an island, where is it located? – On the coast of Gujarat


Who separates Sri Lanka from India? -Bay of Mannar100 easy General knowledge questions and answers.


Which part of India is the oldest? peninsular plateau   gk ques


By what name is the eastern seaboard of India known? -Coromandel Coast


How did the islands of the Lakshadweep group originate? – from coral


Where is Newmoor Island located? – in the Bay of Bengal


Where is the Lakshadweep group located? – in the Arabian Sea


How many islands are there in the Lakshadweep group? –36


In which hemisphere is India located? – Northern and Eastern

gk questions with answers in English


Which is the far west point of India? –687’East in Gujarat


Shivasamudram is an island formed by which river? – Kaveri


Ten-degree channel is situated between? – Little Andaman and Car Nicobar


Which country does India have the longest terrestrial border? –Bangladesh


Which country does India have the shortest terrestrial border? – Afghanistan


What percentage of the total land area of ​​India is mountainous? –11%


What percentage of the total land area of ​​India is plain? – 43%


Where is the southernmost point of India located? -Andaman and Nicobar Islands


Who separates the mainland of India from the island of Rameshwaram? -Ramban channel


By what name is the northern part of the western coast of India known? -Konkan Coast


By what name is the southern part of the western coast of India known? -Malabar Coast


How many nautical miles from the coast of India’s territorial waters – 12 miles


What is the name of the international border between India and Pakistan? – Radcliffe Line


What is the name of the line that forms the boundary between India and China? – McMahon Line


What is the name of the international border located between India and Afghanistan? Known by?- Durand Rekha



Social Religious Movement


When was ‘Brahma Samaj’ established?

Answer – 1828 AD


By whom and where was the ‘Brahma Samaj’ founded?

Answer – In Calcutta, Raja Rammohun Roy


Which was the first movement to reform Hinduism in modern India?

Answer – Brahmo Samaj


Which was the opposition organization of Brahmo Samaj which opposed the practice of Sati and other reforms?

Answer – Dharma Sabha


Who was the founder of Dharma Sabha?

Answer – Radhakanta Dev


When did the practice of Sati end?

Answer – 1829 AD.


Whose efforts were the most at the end of the practice of Sati?

Answer – Raja Rammohun Roy


When was ‘Arya Samaj’ established?

Answer – 1875 AD, Mumbai


Who founded ‘Arya Samaj’?

Answer – Swami Dayanand Saraswati


Arya Samaj is against whom?

Answer – Religious rituals and idol worship  gk ques


Who is considered the father of the Indian Renaissance in the 19th century?

Answer – Raja Rammohun Roy


Where was Rajaram Mohan Roy born?

Answer – Radhanagar, District Vardhman


What was the original name of Swami Dayanand Saraswati?

Answer – Moolshankar


Who took over the reins of Brahmo Samaj after Raja Rammohun Roy went to England?

Answer – Ramchand Vidhwagish


With whose efforts the roots of Brahmo Samaj spread in Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, and Madras.

Answer – Keshavchandra Sen


Who founded the ‘Atmiya Sabha’ in Calcutta in 1815 AD?

Answer – Raja Rammohun Roy


Raja Rammohan Roy and David Hare were associated with the Hawkins organization.

Answer – Hindu College


When and where was the Theosophical Society founded?

Answer – 1875 AD, in New York


When and where was the Theosophical Society established in India?

Answer – 1882 AD, in Adyar, Madras


Who composed ‘Satyarth Prakash’?

Answer – Dayanand Saraswati


Who gave the slogan ‘Lots on the Vedas’?

Answer – Dayanand Saraswati


When was the ‘Ramakrishna Mission’ established-

Answer – 1896-97 AD, Bailur (Calcutta)


Who founded the ‘Ramakrishna Mission’?

Answer – Swami Vivekananda


Who started the Aligarh Movement?

Answer – Sir Syed Ahmed Khan


Who laid the foundation of Aligarh Muslim University?

Answer – Sir Syed Ahmed Khan


Who was the leader of the ‘Young Bengal’ movement?

Answer – Henry Vivian Derozio


Who was the founder of ‘Satya Shodhak Samaj’?

Answer – Jyotiba Phule


Which religious reformer died outside India?

Answer – Raja Rammohun Roy


Where was the main center of the Wahhabi movement?

General knowledge questions with answers

Answer – Patna


When was slavery declared illegal in India?

Answer – 1843 AD


Who made the system of English education in India?

Answer – by William Bentinck


Whose statement is ‘the whole truth is contained in the Vedas’?

Answer – Swami Dayanand Saraswati


Who is known as ‘Socrates of Maharashtra’?

Answer – Mahadev Govind Ranade


Where did Vivekananda become famous at the World Religion Conference?

North Chicago


Who was the editor of the paper ‘Samvad Kaumudi’?

Answer – Raja Rammohun Roy

gk questions with answers in English


To whom are ‘Tatva Ranjini Sabha’, ‘Tatva Bodhini Sabha’, and ‘Tatva Bodhin Patrika’ related?

Answer – Devendra Nath Tagore


Whose inspiration was the establishment of ‘Prayer Samaj’?

Answer – Keshavchandra Sen


Who brought out the magazine ‘Vama Bodhini’ for women?

Answer – Keshavchandra Sen


Who was Shardamani?

Answer – Wife of Ramakrishna Paramhansa


Who started the ‘Kuka Movement’?

Answer – Guru Ram Singh


Which religious law was passed in 1956 AD?

Answer – Religious Disqualification Law  gk ques


Which reformer of Maharashtra is called ‘Lokhitwadi’?

Answer – Gopal Hari Deshmukh


On what principle is the Brahmo Samaj based?

Answer – Monotheism


Who founded ‘Dev Samaj’?

Answer – Shivnarayan Agnihotri


Who is the founder of ‘Radhaswami Satsang’?

Answer – Shivdayal Sahib


Who was the proponent of the Favian movement?

Answer – Annie Besant


What was the movement that started in the early decade of the 20th century?

Answer – Ahrar


When and by whom was ‘Bharat Samaj Sevak’ established?

Answer – 1905 AD, by Gopal Krishna Gokhale


When was the Sikh Gurdwara Act passed?

Answer – 1925 AD


What was the original name of Ramakrishna Paramhansa?

Answer – Gadadhar Chattopadhyay


When did Dr. Annie Besant become the President of the Indian National Congress?

Answer – 1917 AD.


When did Swami Vivekananda participate in the Chicago World Religions Conference?

Answer – 1893 AD.


Who wrote the ‘Precepts of Jesus’?

Answer – Raja Rammohun Roy


Which was the Persian book of Raja Rammohun Roy which was published in 1809?

Answer – Tuhfatuh-ul-Muwahideen


BPSC Daily Current Affairs  

  • The State Government of Bihar has signed an MoU with CIHTS (Central Institute of Higher Tibetan Studies) for translation (in Hindi) and publication (in 5 years) of original Buddhist manuscripts from Nalanda and Vikramshila, which were dated to the 12th century. was saved from burning.


  • Data from the Reserve Bank of India shows that India’s foreign exchange reserves have fallen to $ 622.275 billion from $ 631.920 billion in the previous week.


  • India’s foreign exchange reserves include foreign currency assets (FCAs), gold reserves, SDRs, and the country’s reserve position with the IMF. India currently has the fifth-largest reserves of international reserves in the world. FCA is the largest component of forex reserves
  • A picture of Bhagat Singh in the Chief Minister’s Office of Punjab created controversy. He became a member of the Hindustan Republican Association (started by Satchindranath Sanyal) in 1924. He changed its name to the Hindustan Socialist Republic Association (HSRA) in 1928.


  • In 1925, Bhagat Singh founded a militant youth organization called Naujawan Bharat Sabha and in 1927 he founded the Workers’ and Peasants’ Party. He was hanged in 1931 in the Saunders massacre.


  • Negotiations on the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea for the Sustainable Use of Marine Biodiversity of Areas Outside of National Jurisdiction are currently underway at the Fourth Intergovernmental Conference (IGC-4). The United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), 1982 is an international agreement that establishes the legal framework for maritime and maritime activities.


  • NPPA (National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority) was set up in 1997 under the Drugs (Prices Control) Order, 1995-2013 to fix/revise the prices of regulated bulk drugs and formulations and to enforce the price and availability of drugs in the country Went. ,


  • India is the world’s third-largest oil consumer and importer. It imports 85% of its crude oil requirement. The top countries meeting their oil import needs are Iraq (27%), Saudi Arabia (17%), United Arab Emirates (13%), and the USA (9%). It imports only 1% of the total crude oil requirement from Russia. General knowledge questions with answers gk ques



  • The visiting Japanese Prime Minister announced an investment of Rs 3.2 lakh crore in India over the next five years. gk questions with answers in English


  • On this day in 1800, Alessandro Volta invented the electric battery. He is also the discoverer of methane.


🏆 Paramukh Award and Honor 🏆


Question 1- Jnanpith Award is given to which area people-

Answer – Literature


Question 2- ‘Arjuna Award’ is related to?

Answer – Sports


Question 3- In which field is a peaceful Bhatnagar award for extraordinary contribution-

Answer – Science


Question 4- In which area is the Grammy Award given-

Answer – Music


Question 5- ‘Norman Borlog Award’ is given in which field-

Answer – Agriculture


Question 6- The best feature film on national unity is honored with which award-

Answer – Nargis Dutt Award


Question 7- ‘Ramon Magsay Award’ is provided by which country-

Answer – Philippines


Question 8- In which area is the Pulitzer Award provided-

Answer – Journalism


Question 9- Kalinga Award is given-

Answer – to popularize science


Question 10- For which achievements ‘Global 500’ Awards are provided-

Answer – Environmental immunity


Question 11- In which area is the Dhanwantri Award given-

Answer – Medicine


Question 12- In which field ‘Saraswati Samman’ given-

Answer – Literature


Question 13- Which country was founded by the Nobel Prize-

Answer – Swindon  gk ques



Question 14- In whose memory is given ‘Nobel Prize’-

Answer – Spread Nobel


Question 15- When is the ‘Jnanpith Award’ being provided-

Answer – Since 1965


Question 16- ‘Dronacharya Award’ for sports trainers was established in which year-

Answer – 1985 AD


Question 17- When were the ‘Nobel Prize’ start-

Answer – 1901 AD


Question 18- When did Bharat Ratna and other national honors begin-

Answer – In 1954

gk questions with answers in English


Question 19- C.V. In which year Raman received the Nobel Prize-

Answer – in 1930


Question 20- Authors of which countries are considered for the man Booker Award-

Answer – Principal of English and Ireland English


Question 21- Who established the Nobel Prize in Economics-

Answer – Swindon’s Central Bank

General knowledge questions with answers

Question 22- Who was the first woman to receive Jnanpith Award-

Answer – Ashapurna Devi


Question 23- K.K. What honor was established by Birla Foundation in 1992 for excellent contribution in the field of literature-

Answer – Saraswati Honor


Question 24- In which field ‘Vyas Samman’ is given-

Answer – Literature


Question 25- Which State Government has started Tansen honors-

Answer – Madhya Pradesh


Question 26- Who got the first Dadasaheb Falke Award

Answer – Mrs. Devika Rani


Question 27- The first Indian to be honored with the ‘Magsay Award’ is-

Answer – Acharya Vinoba Bhave


Question 28- Ravindra Nath Tagore was given the Nobel Prize in which year in the field of literature-

Answer – In 1913


Question 29- C.V. In which year Raman was awarded the Nobel Prize-

Answer – in 1930


Question 30- Prof. Amartya Sen was given the Nobel Prize for Economy-

Answer – In 1998


Question 31- Subrahmanyam Chandrashekhar received the Nobel Prize in which region-

Answer – Physics


Question 32- From which year is the Nobel Prize in the field of the economy-

Answer – Since 1969


Question 33- is known as the’ Asian Nobel Award’-

Answer – Ramon Magsay Award


Question 34- ‘Dadasaheb Falke Award’ is provided-

Answer – Ministry of Information and Broadcasting by Government of India


Question 35- ‘Oscar Award’ is provided-

Answer – By National Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences


Question 36- Who was the first Hindi writer to receive Jnanpith Award-

Answer – Sumitranandan Panth


Question 37- Saraswati is the first receiver of honor-

Answer – Harivansh Rai Bachchan  gk ques


Question 38- The first Vibhuti is the first conferred with ‘Bharat Ratna’-

Answer – Dr. S. Radhakrishnan

General knowledge questions with answers


Question 39- Who was first honored with the posthumous India award-

Answer – Lal Bahadur Shastri


Question 40- The first foreigner is the first foreigner of ‘Bharat Ratna’-

Answer – Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan

Faq’s  Gk Ques


  1. Which is the best GK question?

Answer: General Knowledge Questions and Answers for Kids (Age Group 4 to 7 years)


2. Who is the father of the GK question?

Answer: Students should know the important ones so that they maximize their chances of scoring in GK.


3. Can you tell me some GK questions?

Answer: GK Questions for Class 3 on India


  1. What is GK English?

Answer: uncountable noun. General knowledge is knowledge about many different things, as opposed to detailed knowledge about one particular subject. COBUILD Advanced English Dictionary.


  1. What are some questions about India?

Answer: Download GK Questions on India for Class 2


How do memorize general knowledge?

In general knowledge, you do not need to understand, you have to remember it.

So for that, you can’t remember so much common sense. So the best tips are for whatever exam you are preparing for.

Remember the upcoming general knowledge related to it.
And remember the general knowledge of your state. In General, Knowledge, memorize only 50 questions in 1 day and read and revise it 3 times in 1 day.







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