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The summer starts in India at the beginning of march and continues up to June. Up to February, the rays of the sun are soothing and we like to bask in the sun. But in March, the season changes.

 The sun-rays become hotter day by day and we begin to get perspiration. The entire earth becomes heated in this season. In summer, the few hours of the morning are pleasant. In March the sun does not become too hot before noon. But by April the sun becomes hot by 9 a.m.

The sun becomes very hot by noon in, May and June and scorching winds also begin to blow. Then it becomes very troublesome. People cannot come out of their homes and all work even inside their house becomes heat.

Moreover, they do not feel energetic and a sort of dullness comes over them. They feel sleepy in the afternoon. They shut all doors and take a rest in the coolest part of the building.

People do not get relief even in the evening and at night. They cannot sleep comfortably at night on account of the heat. Summer causes inconvenience in many other ways. The hot wind causes much thirst, but people cannot get cool water.

 Rivers and ponds dry up and cause scarcity of water. It adds to the difficulty of the people. Their throats get parched. Even birds and beasts feel thirsty and run from place to place in search of water many people, birds, and beasts die as a result of sunstroke.

 Many fatal diseases, such as cholera, smallpox, etc. Break out in the summer season. People in towns have got many amenities that are not available to the villagers. Therefore, townsmen can reduce the discomforts of summer to a great extent, if they can afford to spend money.

 In towns, people get electric fans to cool them and ice to quench their thirst. Despite these disadvantages, the farmers welcome the summer because it brings the clouds which give them rain.

Though we dislike the heat and dust of the summer, we await it anxiously because we get sweet mangoes during this season.


Grishma Ritu | Summer Season Essay   – Essay on Summer Season

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Summer Season Essay in – Essay on Summer Season

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Introduction-  The heat begins to be experienced from half the month of Falgun and its effect lasts for half a quarter of a month. But the months of Jyeshtha and Ashadha are summer months. It is very hot at this time.

Description – Trees and plants wither in this season. Wells and puddles dry up. This causes water problems. Sometimes strong thunderstorms or tornadoes also arise. Humans hide in their homes.

It gets worse in the afternoon. The whole body becomes soaked with sweat. Can’t sleep till late at night. Marriages also take place in this season. The decorations of the processions are made on sight.

Benefits-  Many fruits ripen at this time after getting heat. Juicy fruits like mango, Jamun, jackfruit, litchi, etc. are available to eat. To remove the effect of heat, people drink frosty and lassi, etc. At the same time, fragrant flowers like Bela, Juhi, etc.

Disadvantage – Heat wave prevails in summer. Thirst is not quenched even after drinking water again and again. Digestive power deteriorates. Sometimes there are outbreaks of smallpox and cholera. While this season is beneficial in many ways, it is also harmful in many ways.

Grishma Ritu Par Nibandh-  Essay on Summer Season  ( 250 to 300 words )

Spring has just ended. The sun started getting brighter. Where there used to be cold air in the morning, now hot air started blowing there. Or else the wind stopped completely. The summer season has started. It takes place in the months of Jyeshtha-Ashadha. In many places, it is hot from Baisakh till the end of Jyeshtha.

It is boiling in the afternoon. It seems the sun is raining fire. The earth is burning like a Tawa, the heat is blowing. Sweat pouring out of people’s bodies. Getting out on the road has become difficult. Where a shady tree comes, people go ahead after resting for a while under it.

By bathing, drinking water, drinking a cold bottle, shikanji, or ice water, one gets relief. Taking bath in the morning and evening cools the body. If cold air blows at night, then sleep comes. If the wind is closed, then even sleep cannot come.

Eyes get dazzled in the scorching sun. Animals and birds also get upset. They too find peace by taking the help of shady trees. Some people come and go with umbrellas. The umbrella has some protection from the heat. Many people wear Rahi Ink. Everyone says summer is bad.

But only in summer do the crops ripen in the fields. The fruits ripen in the orchards.

If there is no heat, there is no sweetness of fruits, no sweat comes out of the body, and if steam does not rise from the sea, then clouds will not form. How can there be rain if there is no cloud? That is why the summer season has its important.

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The cycle of seasons is the law of nature. Change is the nature of nature Becausee of this nature,t after the spring, the summer, the rain after the summer, and the autumn, the Shishir, and Hemant seasons come and spread their beauty after the rain. Just as happiness has no value in the absence of sorrow, so spring has no value in the absence of summer.

After the intoxicating spring, the summer season begins. With the mild fragrance of spring, Sameer slowly takes the form of Lu. Laziness comes in the body instead of spring energy.

 The rays of the sun become unbearable in the early morning. Baisakh, Jeth, and Ashadha are the summer months. In these too, in the month of Jeth, the earth heats up like a pan. During this season the mind tends to take bath again and again.

Even after drinking water, again and again, there is a thirst that does not take the name of being quenched. The body becomes soaked with sweat after even a little walk or work. After eating food in the afternoon, the mind goes to sleep.

In this season, not only humans but all animals and birds are disturbed. No one wants to go out because of the heat. Males and females cool their buildings and rest in them, while birds are in their nests.

 Animals prefer to rummage by sitting in the shade of trees rather than grazing on grass. During this season the days are long and the nights are short.

Water should be drunk more in summer because due to sweating, there is a lack of water in the body. In summer, cold drinks and other cold foods should be consumed.

This is the reason that nature has given such fruits like melon, watermelon, cucumber, cucumber, etc. in this season which have a high amount of juice. That is why in summer, soft drinks and curd lassi, kulfi, ice cream, etc. are sold a lot. The mind of everyone, big or small, wants to eat such things.

The summer season is a boon for the poor because, on a summer night, the poor can spend their time sitting anywhere. The summer season is hot and fierce. But its ferocity is a boon for human beings.

Due to heat, crops ripen, and fruits ripen. Due to the strong rays of the sun, the snow on the mountains melts and its water flows in the form of rivers and comes to the plains for irrigation and quenching the thirst of the thirsty.

In summer, when the earth heats up, all the insects and worms inside the earth come out. Mosquitoes die due to heat stroke. The more the earth heats up in the sun, the better the crop sown in the rain. It is believed that the summer season is the role of rain.

The more heat in the summer, the better the rainfall in the rainy season.

Rivers, streams, pools, and ponds all dry up in this season. Lotus withers but look at the strangeness of nature, Amaltas and Gulmohar are laden with flowers. Yellow flowers of Amaltas and orange flowers of Gulmohar attract the mind during the evening.

Man is hardworking and intelligent. Necessity is the mother of invention. He is a worker. He has made such inventions that now he converts even the heat of summer into a pleasant cold.

 Air conditioning, coolers, and fans remove the heat according to the need of man. Huh. The summer season is as hard as a coconut from above. It looks so soft from the inside.

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After happiness comes sorrow and after sorrow happiness comes. This is the law of nature. Nature explains this truth. After the spring season comes the summer season. The six seasons in India are considered to be Basant, Summer, Varsha, Sharad, Hemant, and Shishir.

 The duration of each season is two months. After spring comes summer. The months of summer are considered to be Jeshtha and Ashadha months. As it is said – Madhu Madhavi spring season, summer eldest – Ashadha!

General introduction

Some people consider the summer season to be Baisakh and Jeshtha, which is completely wrong. India’s natural state is different, so this confusion occurs. India is a country of summer.

 Just as nine to ten months is winter in Europe, in the same way, in most parts of our country, eight-nine months are summer. There is also heat and humidity in what we call the rainy season. It is true to say that our country is a hot staple.

Natural life or state

In summer nature is opposite to the spring season and the rainy season. The nature of this period is very dull and dry. The heat of the sun crosses the limit. The sun looks as if it is raining fire.

 Earth, air, and water all start heating like a furnace of fire. The waters of rivers, streams, ponds, and wells dry up. The greenery of the meadows, fields, and orchards disappears. The surrounding environment becomes dry, dull, and deserted.

Nature starts drying up due to the hot gusts of heat. Humans, animals, and birds all get restless from the heat. All the creatures start sobbing for shelter from the shadow. Always thirsty. It’s hard to go out on a hot summer afternoon.

 Mango, Jamun, Jackfruit, Watermelon, Melon, Cucumber, Litchi, etc. fruits are found in abundance in this season.

Public life

The days of summer are more painful. At this time it is difficult for people to go out due to the scorching sun and heat. People come and go only when necessary.

There is a lack of sunlight in the morning and evening and the heat also subsides a bit. People often go out during this time. In the morning and evening, the people of the cities go for a walk in the meadows, on the banks of the water bodies, and in the parks with their friends or family.

In summer people wear cotton clothes. During this time, the body continues to sweat continuously. Tiredness comes very quickly from working. Laziness comes a lot in summer. The farmers of the village keep working in their fields and barns even in this unbearable heat.

 Animals keep hopping while sitting in the shade of trees. Birds sit perched on clumps of leaves or in their dens. The days of summer are long and the nights short. It is difficult for people to pass the day. Rich people in cities rest in air conditions or Mussoorie, Kashmir, Shimla, Darjeeling, and Nainital visit the cold areas. Schools and colleges are closed in the summer.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Summer Season

Our working power decreases in summer. Feeling tired only after doing a little work. The body is surrounded by laziness. The food doesn’t taste good.

Negligence in food leads to indigestion. The outbreak of cholera increases in this season. Due to drought in many areas, there is a terrible outbreak of famine. The heat of the sun causes heatstroke. Many animals die due to heatstroke.

While there are disadvantages to heat, there are benefits as well. Due to the heat of the sun, the water of the sea or other water bodies dries up into steam, which forms clouds and rains. If there is no heat, there can be no rain. Many harmful insects and insects die due to sunlight, due to which diseases are not able to spread.


Heat teaches us that everything has both its merits and demerits. While the heat gives trouble to the living beings, it also gives rain by creating clouds with water and steam. We should be careful to avoid the heat. Avoid sunlight and take cold foods.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Summer Season Advantages of Summer Season in

Faq’s On Summer Season

1. How do you write a summer essay?

Answer: Here are some tips to help you out:
1. Save Mementos From Your Summer. Even if you’re not the sentimental type, make sure to document your summer travels. …
2. Write an Outline Before Writing Your Essay. …
3. Be Specific. …
4. Focus on Feelings About Your Trip, Not What You Did. …
5. Stick to Writing About a Small Moment. …
6. Edit Your Essay Carefully.

2. Why do I love summer essays?

Answer: You can never get bored on a summer day or night. During the day, there are fun activities such as swimming, sports, picnics, and barbeques. Friends and family spend a lot of time together during the summertime. There is a lot of good food, drinks, and fun music.

3. How do you describe summer?

Answer: The season of summer is a season of beaches, watermelons, sunglasses, long days, colorful clothing, and lots of fun. The word summer radiates positive energy and warmth.


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