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The postman is an employee of the postal department. He must deliver letters, small parcels, and money orders. People anxiously await the arrival of the postman. When the postman brings a letter or two, people feel jubilant. When he passes on without waiting at the door, people feel disappointed. Essay On Postman




The postman does a very important job. The function of the post office is accomplished finally by the postman. The function of the post office is to deliver letters, money orders, parcels, etc, from one person to another, living far away. The sorters, the mail-runners, and the clerks do only preliminary work. It is the postman who finally delivers the articles to the addressees. Postman essay in English


The postman gets poor pay. Yet, he does his work honestly. He is entrusted with a heavy sum for the payment of money orders and also with insured letters and parcels. The postman tries his best to deliver the articles to the right man. But sometimes he commits mistakes also. Then he is put to a loss. He has to make good the loss to the rightful claimant. Sometimes he makes over-payment. Then he has to make good the loss from his pocket. The postman Essay in English is 500 words


In the village post office, there is often a single postman who delivers letters, etc. Twice a week. In towns, there are a large number of postmen. They have localities allocated to them. Even in the same quarters, different postmen come at different times of the day. The postmen have their duties fixed. The postmen take immense pains to find out the addresses of letters and deliver them to the right person with great effort sometimes they deliver the letters of one man to another wrongly.


Duty of The Postman


The duty of the postman is highly responsible. The fate of a large number of people depends on his functioning honestly. Hence, a postman ought to be very honest and conscientious. Essay On Postman


A postman is a handy person and he is a very hard-working person. His job is to deliver letters, parcels, and money orders to the people. He wears a khaki uniform and a khaki cap. He always carries a leather bag with him which he carries on his shoulder. Postman essay in English


This bag contains the cash and letters which he has to deliver. First of all, in the post office, he selects the letters area-wise and keeps the letters in his bag according to the area and he picks up the cycle and goes to fulfill his duty.


The job of a postman is very difficult and tiring. He has to deliver letters from one area to another, from one locality to another, from one street to another, and from one house to another. Gradually every area, every mohalla, every house gets absorbed in his memory.


People wait for him anxiously. To some, he brings pleasant news, and to some, he brings sad news. He works every day. Be it summer, rain, or winter, he has to fulfill his duty.


Although the job of a postman is difficult and tedious, yet his salary is almost low. His salary is around Rs.2000. is almost as little as required. He can hardly even spend his two times. When he brings pleasant news, people also give him some money for happiness. The postman Essay in English is 500 words


At festivals like Holi, Diwali, and Eid, people give him some money. When he retires, he gets a very modest pension. The Ministry of Communications should focus on a traditional important communication carrier. Although the government has taken some steps to improve its situation they are not enough. Essay On Postman


The postman should be polite. We should also behave kindly towards him. The postman should be healthy and fit, only then he can perform his duties properly. Sometimes the postman also shows carelessness. He sometimes puts a letter in the wrong place which contains important information which is not available to the recipient of the letter and due to lack of communication, there is a big loss.


If it is a money order, it becomes a social crime. Hence we can say that a careless postman can prove harmful to society. Considering the sensitivity of the postal delivery work, the postman should be honest and more dutiful because this work is such and that is what is expected of him. Postman essay in English


When we say the word postman, an image of a man in a khaki uniform riding a bicycle comes to our mind. However, has anyone ever thought about how important it is to us? Almost everyone is familiar with who a postman is and what he does. He works for the public and is assigned to him the post office.


A postman has to transport important documents from one place to another. He is the carrier of letters, money orders, greeting cards, parcels, and many more. She goes from house to house and goes street to street to do so. A postman is a famous person. He is a servant of the people. He works in the post office. He delivers letters, money orders, parcels, greeting cards, etc. from door to door and from street to street. Their services are very important as they help the smooth delivery of important documents.


Importance of a postman

A postman is extremely important for society. He is the bearer of very important information for both professional and personal reasons. This public servant works all over the country. If it is a village or a metro city, you will find a postman there. The postman Essay in English is 500 words


The postman always wears a uniform which makes him stand out from the crowd. In India, she wears khaki clothes and colored uniforms. A postman’s most prized possession is his bag in which he keeps letters. It contains all kinds of things, from good news to bad news. They usually travel on a cycle while some go on foot. A postman always has to get up early to deliver the letter. Postman essay in English


They must sort out letters and posts so that they can be easily delivered to specific areas. He stamps to verify all the letters. A postman helps people make sure their important information is in the right hands. Moreover, he is a very reliable person who works day and night to deliver letters to the people. However, this job is quite challenging and is not appreciated enough.


Difficulties encountered by a postman

The life of a postman is very difficult, he has to work continuously throughout the day and find exact addresses in the localities. He even works at night to deliver important telegrams to the people. It does not matter whether it is raining or hot, the postman will always be on duty. Essay On Postman


Moreover, a postman has to transport challenging terrains as well as uneven roads to the destination. In the countryside, the postman passes through dangerous areas like forests and where there are snakes and all. A postman is mostly a hard-working person who earns every penny he gets. They are honest with their work and make people’s life easier.


Despite this, a postman is not paid adequately. The work he does not do justice to the pain and hardships that he has to go through. In addition, he also gets limited leave and works on world days.


Moreover, in this post, there are little or no chances of promotion. The meager salary makes it difficult for a postman to meet all the needs of his family. Thus, we should have sympathy for them. Besides, the government has to pay them right, so that their quality of life can be better. Postman essay in English

postman essay

Postman’s essay 10 lines

  1. The postman is a government servant.
  2. He wears a khaki uniform.
  3. He has a leather bag with him.
  4. He keeps letters, parcels, and money orders in it.
  5. He goes door to door to deliver letters and parcels.
  6. He is very useful to us but he gets very little pay.
  7. He lives from hand to mouth.
  8. So Government should give him better pay.
  9. He works every season.
  10. He serves us honestly.

The postman Essay in English is 500 words


Faq’s On Postman EssayWhat is a postman essay?

Answer: A postman has to deliver important documents from one place to another. He is a carrier of letters, money orders, greeting cards, parcels, and many more. He goes from door to door and street to street to make this happen.


  1. What is the importance of a postman?

Answer: Postmen are important people in our lives because they facilitate communication among people from various parts of the world.


3. Who delivers the letter door to door What is the Colour of his uniform?

Answer: The postman is one of them. He is an important and useful public servant. He wears a khaki uniform and carries a leather bag on his shoulder. Every morning he goes to the post office to get the dak of his locality.



  1. How is a postman a very important man for us?

Answer: His work: The postman is a very important man and is very popular with everybody young and old. He brings us news from our friends and relations and sometimes money too. Sometimes he brings us bad news.



5. What does a postman do answer?

Answer: A postman is a man whose job is to collect and deliver letters and packages that are sent by post.

The postman Essay in English is 500 words



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