A man is said to be healthy when he has got no bodily pain or disease. When a man is in the best of spirits and has got enough vigor and strength he is called healthy.

Essay on health is wealth in English

Healthy is the most important thing in life. It is more valuable than the choicest of treasures. It is so, because, without health, life becomes a burden. A man may have enough wealth, a palatial building to live in, many servants to attend to him, and the choicest of dress and food.

But if he is not a healthy man, there is no pleasure in life. He is always gloomy. He has no relish for any good thing of nature. Therefore, it has been rightly said that health is wealth. 2000 words essay on health is wealth

Health is such a valuable thing, it is the prime duty of man to take care of his health.

People should follow the rule of health to be healthy. They should get up early in the morning. They should brush their teeth daily and take their baths as far as possible in pure running water. Morning walk also is very healthy and should be taken regularly. 2000 words essay on health is wealth

People should drink pure water. They should form a habit of cleanliness and keep their dress and bed neat and clean. They should also keep their house neat and clean. The house should be well-ventilated. In the matter of food, utmost care is necessary. People should take pure and simple food.

They should take more green fruits and vegetables and fewer spices. Pure milk is very healthful for food and should be taken in sufficient quantity. It is also necessary to take physical exercise daily. Lastly, people should take sufficient rest after a whole day’s hard labor. These are some of the rules which help in preserving health and should be followed carefully. essay on health is wealth in English

Essay on Health is Wealth  Part-2

Hello friends, today we are going to talk about health as wealth. Health is very important for us because if our health is not right then we cannot do any work. So let’s talk about some things related to health, and how we should keep our health right.

There is always a saying that health is wealth. It means very simply, that the more troubles we have to face, the more capable we become. To complete any work, if our health is good, then only we will be able to work well. It promotes physical, mental, and social health. I think we agree with the saying that health is the real wealth because it helps us in every way.

If we have good health then we will be saved from all kinds of diseases. It can include any disease, be it the biggest disease, mental, physical, diabetes, diabetes, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, or fatal diseases like this. If we remain physically and internally unhealthy then we will have to face problems throughout our life. Even we have to depend on someone else to fulfill our needs. 2000 words essay on health is wealth

That is why we should try to be happy as much as possible. So that we can keep our health good, because this is the truth, to have good health we need money and to earn money we need good health. But it is also true that there is good health, only then we can help ourselves. Similarly, instead of just earning money, we can make our life better and more motivated.


Health is very important for us. If health is gone, everything is gone. If our health is not good then we cannot even enjoy food nor can we enjoy the world we are living in. That is why we should keep our health in a very good balance. essay on health is wealth in English

If we want to lead a happy life then we have to take care of our health very well. If seen, a sick person is very sad always because he is not happy in his life. He is always worried about his illness.

If the same healthy person is seen, then he remains very happy because his health is very good. That’s why his life is always peaceful. That is why we can also say that our real wealth is not wealth but health.

Health as mental wellness

Health is not only a disease but also our thinking. Because of health, we can do physical, social, and mental development wellness. Health refers to one’s life efficiency. If a person’s state of mind, body, and soul is not normal, then it does not mean that he is in illness, he is hurt or he is in pain. If we stay strong and healthy then we can set ourselves as an example to others and teach them how to be healthy in life.

For good health

If we want to keep our health good then we should follow a very good lifestyle. People who cannot follow this lifestyle are more likely to be overweight, have high blood pressure, have heart disease, have obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, kidney problems, liver disorders, and many other diseases.

His body is always more healthy and full of fatigue. Because of this, he loses his confidence and motivation. He always thinks that we will not be able to do this work. This work cannot be done by us. Because of this, he also becomes a victim of depression. If we want to keep our good health then we must follow a good lifestyle.

Having good health for us is like a blessing from God. We should always take care of our health and always keep taking a simple and balanced diet on time. Along with this, we should keep exercising from time to time. If we want a disease-free body, then we should exercise as soon as we wake up in the morning. Due to this, our body remains fresh and it protects from many diseases. essay on health is wealth in English

The most important thing is that we should keep our house and the place around us very clean because our body remains healthy in a clean environment. Many diseases grow due to a dirty environment, which can prove to be harmful to our bodies.

The most important thing is that we drink plenty of water throughout the day so that we can keep our bodies strong. Because drinking water removes many diseases from our body and the risk of infection is less. Due to this our skin also remains healthy, water proves to be very helpful in ending heart attack, and due to this our body temperature also remains normal.

We need to laugh more. Because it works as Pranayama and doctors always recommend that laughing is very beneficial for health and we should not consume any bad habit. Such as smoking, and drinking alcohol because it has a lot of additional effects on our health.

We should always consume nutritious food. Such as green vegetables, fresh fruits, milk, curd, and eggs, gives strength to our body because natural vitamins and minerals are found in them. We should eat food at the right time, due to this our digestive system remains correct.

Today’s generation is very much like junk food, oil, and salt-rich food, which is very harmful to our health. We should avoid it as much as possible, if you like it too much, sometimes it can be eaten. But consuming it daily can be harmful to us.

We should give rest to our body at the right time, take good sleep, eat nutritious food and also take care of cleanliness so that our environment is also clean. Due to this, our immunity remains strong and we do not need to go to the doctor again and again.

Increasing difficulties

According to today’s technology, man has become very lazy, due to which diseases have started dominating the body more. Due to the contaminated environment and food, we have to face a lot of problems.

In ancient times people used to work diligently throughout the day, followed by exercise. Due to this, there used to be a lot of sweating and the more sweat comes, the more diseases are less likely to happen. But due to machines, the work of people has become very easy, due to which they neither exercise nor work hard. essay on health is wealth in English

At the workplace, people sit in just one place for 8 to 9 hours from morning till night. After that, after having food, they come home and go to sleep. The next day, the daily routine of the office continues in the morning, which has become the biggest reason for spoiling our health.


We know that we need money very much to fulfill our needs. But this does not mean that we should not take care of our health, health is wealth. This means that if our health is not right then there will be no wealth and if there is no money then how can there be health. That is why we have to keep both in balance, due to which we can earn money and keep ourselves healthy. 

Faq’s  On Health is Wealth

1. What is meant by health is wealth?

Answer: Health is Wealth in means ‘ Health is Wealth ‘ which is also known as ‘Nek Tandurusti Lakh Niyamat’ which means – Good health is always above wealth.

2. What is the importance of good health?

Answer: Staying healthy should be a part of your overall lifestyle. Living a healthy lifestyle can help prevent chronic diseases and long-term illnesses. Feeling good about yourself and taking care of your health is important to your self-esteem and self-image.

3. Whose statement is that health is the greatest wealth?

Answer: A great freedom fighter, Mahatma Gandhi (also known as Bapu) had said, “It is health that is real wealth, not gold and silver coins.”

4. What should be done to stay healthy?

Answer: 1- To stay healthy the following things must be done.

2- Get up early in the morning.

3- Don’t forget to have breakfast. Good habits to stay healthy include having breakfast on time.

4- Drink plenty of water, 4-5 liters of water must be drunk daily.

5- Enough protein and carbohydrates should be taken.

6- Workout must be done, this keeps the body healthy

. You must take a rest.

8- Get enough sleep, you must sleep for 5-6 hours, this gives the body time to charge.


5. What is the definition of health according to WHO?

Answer: According to the definition given by the World Health Organization (WHO), health is not the absence of disease or disability, but a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. Over the years this definition has expanded to include the ability to lead a socially and economically productive life.

6. What do you mean by health and nutrition policy?

Answer: Nutritious food is an important cornerstone of health. Therefore, to meet the needs of the body, the proper amount of essential nutrients should be supplied in the food. Good nutrition, regular physical activity, and adequate sleep are essential rules of a healthy life.

7-What is the role of health in a person’s successful life?

Answer: (i) Good health increases the efficiency of a worker. (ii) The health of a person gives him the ability to fight diseases. (iii) Health makes a significant contribution to the development of the country through individual skills and productivity.

8. What is the role of education in the formation of human capital?

Answer: Education plays an important role in the formation of human capital (HR). Education and skills are the major factors that determine the income of an individual. Education enhances the quality of labor and helps in increasing total productivity. Total productivity contributes to the development of the country.

9. What is the word health noun?

Answer: Yes, the word healthy is a noun.

10. What is social health, and what is its importance?

Answer: The social health of a community depends on factors such as growth, thinking, ideas, and empathy for others. Apart from this, it depends on the education, production, health, and social security of individuals.

11. What is the importance of food to stay healthy?

Answer: Eating healthy increases energy, improves the way your body functions, strengthens your immune system, and prevents weight gain. There are other major benefits as well. A balanced diet meets your nutritional requirement. A varied, balanced diet provides the nutrients you need to avoid nutrient deficiencies.

12. What is the greatest wealth of man?

Answer: The greatest wealth of man is his karma. Gau Dhan Gaj Dhan Baji Dhan and Ratan Dhan Khan wealth. When contentment wealth comes, all wealth is equal to the axis. His knowledge, his behavior, his character, and his affection for others.

13. Is there a connection between good food and health?

Answer: Human beings need proper and adequate nutrients for a healthy and active life. Good nutrition or proper dietary intake is important for the attainment of nutrients under the dietary requirements of the body. An adequate, proper, and balanced diet along with regular physical activity is the basis of good health.

Last word

In today’s article, “Essay on Health is Wealth ” some things related to health have been told to you. We hope that you will also maintain good health by following these rules. If you need any information related to this then you can comment in the comment box. 2000 words essay on health is wealth


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