Introduction Honesty Is the Best Policy

honesty is the best policy

We live in a society. We have to deal with many people daily. If we are not fair in our dealing with others, we are not trusted by others. We must be honest in our dealings with others. ESSAY ON HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY IN ENGLISH

An honest man is straightforward and upright in speech and behavior. He does not tell lies. He does not try to cheat others. He never steals anything. He does not neglect his duty.

Honest is one of the greatest virtues of man. It has an important place in human life. It is the foundation of good character. An honest man is loved and respected by all. A dishonest man may prosper in practical life but in the long run, he has to suffer.

Honesty is the best policy. Honesty must be the basic principle of life. It has several advantages. An honest man does not cheat anybody. So all people trust him. ESSAY ON HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY IN ENGLISH

He may be poor, but he is loved and respected by all. He enjoys happiness and peace of mind. He follows the right path. So, he is not afraid of anybody. He is always cheerful.

Honesty is the best policy in different walks of life. An honest businessman attracts a large number of customers. So, he prospers rapidly in his business. He is trusted by other traders.

He can buy other things on credit because he is trusted by those people who know him. An honest teacher commands the respect of his pupils. An honest politician is loved and respected by the people of his country.

An honest man is free from cares and anxieties. He enjoys sound sleep at night. He does not hurt anyone. So, he endears himself to all. Thus we see that honesty is a great virtue that makes the path of life easy. ESSAY ON HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY IN ENGLISH

Dishonesty has many disadvantages. A dishonest man is hated by all. He may prosper for some time, but at last, he has to suffer. He is not trusted by anybody. He always tries to hide his evil tricks. So, he never enjoys happiness and peace of mind.

Honesty is the best policy but the life of an honest man is not always a bed of roses. An honest man may have to face great hardships in his life. He may not prosper like the dishonest men.

He may be ridiculed by people. But he must not lose heart in the face of difficulties. In the long run, he must reap the advantages of his honesty.


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It is very important to have honesty in life because honesty is the best policy. Where an honest person can sleep peacefully, the same dishonest person cannot even imagine this. The word honesty itself comes from the word Iman, which means that the one who has faith has lost everything. Therefore it is the first duty of every human being to live life with honesty. ESSAY ON HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY IN ENGLISH

No matter how many ups and downs come in our life, or even a mountain of sorrows may come in front, the sheet of faith should be kept covered. It never lets us stagger from our path. It is said that even a happy bread of honesty is more delicious and gives happiness than 56 indulgences of dishonesty. The essay on honesty is the best policy in 150 words

Meaning of honesty

Honesty means E + Mann + Dari. The one who is faithful to himself, the one who has kept the value of his soul in his life, in the true sense, he has not left the hand of honesty from his hands. Honesty is one of the best qualities of a human being.

Be honest with yourself

Say or think this quality of some people, that they see less and more evil in others than themselves. And he does this when he sees little success in life. That is why a person has to be honest with himself first with his mind. The policy of honesty has to be followed. ESSAY ON HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY IN ENGLISH

Everyone should work hard except for what one does, and how one does it. When one does any work with full dedication and sincerity, it does not take long for him to get success.

Sometimes there may be some delay in success or result, but there is no question of giving up. Therefore, there should be the strength of patience and honesty and we have to maintain it ourselves. Honesty never lets a person bow down, but yes its path can be difficult but it cannot be impossible.

Honesty is the best policy

No matter what the situation in life, whether it is full of flowers or full of thorns. But stay true in every situation, because it is important, to be honest in life. Anyone blindly trusts an honest person and seeing the dishonest, people like to stay away from him. Therefore honesty is the best and proper policy.

We should follow this policy with honesty because being honest is a sign of humanity. Which should never end in our minds. Because only then humanity will also survive on this earth.

Field of honesty

There is no fixed area of ​​honesty. Honesty is innate in man. But circumstance and compulsion also sometimes make a person do what he has to do even if he does not want to. The essay on honesty is the best policy in 150 words

Because when a child is small, he does not know what is going to happen in his life next. It is not only a child but everyone would know that he cannot see the future because we are only ordinary human beings, not God.

Therefore honesty and dishonesty all mold us according to the situation. Some take it from the right perspective, some take it wrongly, or because of greed. This feeling of greed does not even stop him from doing wrong things.

Nowadays honesty is becoming less and less in every field. Wherever you look, there is more dishonesty to be seen. Honesty knows no bounds, its scope is vast. ESSAY ON HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY IN ENGLISH

Suppose you study in school and got homework from school or class test is going on in school itself. So sometimes you copy and show homework to the teacher, then you do dishonesty.

The smallest theft is not honesty but dishonesty. Therefore, big or small, if someone does dishonesty, then he cannot be called an honest person. Therefore, first of all, honesty should be adopted by each person from himself and the heart, only then he will be called honest. The essay on honesty is the best policy in 150 words

The owner of a house wants an honest servant. The government wants honest employees everywhere. Businessman wants an honest partner. Anyone wants an honest friend.

The reader wants an honest writer and a writer also wants an honest reader so that he can read a good book and acquire knowledge. The student wants an honest teacher, but what happens is the opposite. ESSAY ON HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY IN ENGLISH

Employees who earn money by stealing money, politicians who mislead the public, writers who create literature by asking or stealing, examiners showing examination books to others, shopkeepers selling goods for more than the price, donations and high fees schools, Colleges, farmers selling food grains mixed with poison, today dishonesty is flourishing everywhere and honesty is decreasing. The essay on honesty is the best policy in 150 words

And the person who gave birth to this dishonesty is himself. But it is also true that a person who misleads the public can live happily and peacefully. The answer will never be no. His soul will shake them, rebuke and curse them, and will say why did you not adopt honesty.

That is why we should always work honestly in life. Just as a dishonest person is unable to sleep peacefully even on a muslin bed, an honest person can sleep peacefully even after working hard and eating happy bread. This is the difference between an honest and dishonest person.


An honest man does honesty by proper use of his power and strength and such a person always chooses honesty. This type of work is done in the spirit of benevolence. Only then does the outline of collective welfare shine and shine. ESSAY ON HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY IN ENGLISH

An honest man is progressive by pouring sympathy. An honest person does not shy away from his work even in serving the day-to-day suffering, of injured, handicapped, and orphans. If he is wealthy and honest, he leaves an indelible mark of his honesty by indulging in schools, dharamshalas, etc. That is why it has been said that honesty is the best policy.

The essay on honesty is the best policy in 150 words

In short, we can say that honesty is true love. Which we should take to heart. By removing the veil of dishonesty, everyone should put on the veil of honesty. After all, even the sleep of peace comes only in the sheet of honesty. ESSAY ON HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY IN ENGLISH

5 Best Quotes on Honesty is the Best Policy

  • If your heart is full of faith, then even an enemy will lay down arms before you. – Vivekananda
  • Honesty is the first chapter in the book of knowledge. – Thomas Jefferson
  • One who does not tell the truth in small matters cannot be trusted in important matters. – Albert Einstein
  • I am not obliged to win, but I am obliged to speak the truth. I may not be successful, but I can say that I have integrity. – Abraham Lincoln
  • Do not expect honesty for yourself by doing dishonesty to others. – Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya

Short Story on Honesty is the best policy

Once a boy named Mohan used to do cleaning work in a big company. The employees of the company used to harass him a lot. Also, he used to get his work done himself. But Mohan was very kind-hearted, that’s why he did not take bad things about those people.

Mohan was not much educated, but after working for so many years, he understood very well the working of the company. The owner of that company did not know this specialty of Mohan. The owner of the company decided to go home late one day due to heavy work. ESSAY ON HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY IN ENGLISH

After completing their work, all the people started leaving for home from there. Mohan, who used to work as a sweeper in that company, was also leaving for the house when he saw that all the fans in the office were on. Seeing the power being wasted like this, he switched off all the fans and lights one by one.

When Mohan came down the stairs and reached the lower floor, all the fans and lights were on there too, he turned them all off one by one. He was watching all the CCTV cameras through which the owner of the company used to keep an eye on all his employees.

The essay on honesty is the best policy in 150 words

The owner was very surprised and very happy to see Mohan’s honesty. The next day when Mohan arrived to work at the company, the owner told him everything and honored him, and also kept him as an employee.

Faq’s on Honesty is the best policy

1. Why honesty is the best policy essay?

Answer: Benefits of “Honesty is the Best Policy” A major component for developing moral character is Honesty. Honesty helps in developing good attributes like kindness, discipline, truthfulness, moral integrity, and more. Lying, cheating, lack of trust, stealing, greed, and other immoral attributes have no part in Honesty

2. Which is the best policy?

Answer: Honesty is the Best Policy Essay. The proverb Honesty is the best policy means that we have to be honest and true in life even in bad situations. This proverb is said by the famous person Benjamin Franklin. He regarded honesty as the best tool for a successful life.

The essay on honesty is the best policy in 150 words

3. Why Is honesty the best?

Answer: Honesty makes people respect you

It makes it a lot easier to establish a better connection with someone if they’re upfront about their desires and needs. People may not always like exactly what you have to say, but people will respect that you don’t hide what you feel from them. The essay on honesty is the best policy in 150 words



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