MPIN Full Form

MPIN Full Form

MPIN Full Form

What is MPIN? :-

MPIN Full Form

MPIN full form (Mobile Banking Personal Identification Number )Friends, as you all know that in today’s time all of us are doing all our work through digitization, with digital methods, we can very easily do our money transactions by mobile sitting at home in minutes. For this, citizens are taking advantage of this facility by connecting their mobile numbers to their bank accounts.


For online transactions done through mobile banking, citizens need MPIN i.e. Mobile Banking Personal Identification Number, this MPIN is used as a security code like ATM PIN for secure online transactions so that any Common citizens can do secure transactions through MPIN by saving their time.


MPIN is a code, smartphones are being used in large quantities these days. Given this, banks have developed a mobile application. To log in to that mobile application, a PIN or a code is required. After giving the MPIN code, the consumer can log into that mobile application and do money transactions.


If told in very simple language, like in ATM, you can withdraw money or fill it only by giving a PIN. You can do money transactions only by entering a man’s code in the mobile application.

It is slightly different from ATM PIN. MPIN is used only When you do any online money transition from a mobile phone.



This is a very sensitive code. It has to be kept very secret for security reasons. This code should not be leaked anywhere, when a customer of a bank does mobile banking registration, this code is given at the same time. m pin can be set using a banking mobile app, UPI apps, or then USSD banking. It stays at 4 digits or even up to 6 digits in some banks.


When a customer installs Puzzle Bar Banking Mobile App, UPI Mobile Banking App on his smartphone. For puzzle bar registration in the banking mobile app, UPI app, you have to fill in your details, such as your name, your virtual ID of your bank, your user ID, MPIN, UPI mobile banking app is activated.

MPIN Full Form – What is the complete form of MPIN?

The full form is called mpin – Mobile Banking Personal Identification Number.

Advantage of pin generation: Advantages of generating main:

  1. There are many advantages of generating the Mpin code, like if you want to send money to someone, then you don’t need to go to the bank, now you can send money to anyone sitting at home.
  2. If you want to make money from someone, you can ask for money through Phonepe App on the Google pay app and they come inside your bank account which you can withdraw at any time.
  3. If you generate MPIN, you can pick up the goods from any shop and make payment through your bank account.
  4. If you generate a PIN, you can also do online shopping, buy any item online sitting at your home, you also get some discount, in which you benefited.
  5. You can recharge your mobile from home or recharge your friends and also pay your electricity bills, you can do all this work from any app.
  6. MPIN is a confidential code, which makes every individual banking transaction secure.
  7. MPIN is a 4-digit code only, which can be created by the applicant at his/her convenience through USSD and UPI app on their mobile.
  8. Transaction will not be possible from the account of citizens until MPIN is not entered, due to this, even if someone’s mobile is lost, then no transaction will be possible from his account until the correct MPIN is not entered. Are.
  9. Applicants will be able to easily get MPIN through their mobile through their bank also.


How do I get my PIN?

If you have forgotten your MPIN, now you have to generate a new MPIN, for this, you have to click on forget min, after that, you will be asked for your ATM card or debit card details, and you will have to correct all the details After that you will be given to generate a new pin, by doing this you can get min. Fix My Speaker

You need MPIN for Mobile Banking. There are three ways to activate mobile banking.


  • Bank Branch
  • ATM
  • Internet Banking

Bank Branch

This method is very simple, you have to apply for mobile banking by going to the branch where your bank account is located. The mobile banking activation form comes in the bank. After filling up the form, the concerned bank officer has to submit your form.


The concerned bank officer provides you with the Mobile Banking User ID and PIN. It is very important to activate mobile banking. It takes 24 to 48 hours for mobile banking activation.


via ATM

You can also activate mobile banking from ATM. For this, you just have to go to the ATM of the concerned bank. MPIN can be generated in the respective bank’s ATM.


Internet Banking

You can also activate mobile banking through Internet Banking. You can generate MPIN by logging into your Internet Banking. This facility is given in some banks and some banks do not have this facility.


Method of generating MPIN from Internet Banking Different banks have different methods. MPIN is generated in net banking.


The process to generate MPIN by USSD

Applicants can check the process of MPIN generated by USSD from here.


  • First, the applicant has to do *99# dil on his mobile number.
  • After this, as soon as the USSD service starts, you will have to link it with the bank.
  • For this, you have to send by typing the first 4 numbers of your bank’s IFSC code and three letters of the bank’s name.
  • Now send by typing 7 numbers in the next menu.
  • Now to generate MPIN, select 1 number and sand it, after that you can write your MPIN as per your convenience and submit it.
  • After this, after reading the given instructions, type 2 numbers and send it, you will be able to change your MPIN.
  • Now you have to submit the old MPIN and enter the new MPIN and re-enter it for confirmation and submit it.
  • In this way, your new MPIN will be generated after changing your previous MPIN.

Steps how to generate pin – How to generate mpin:-

  1. To generate Mini, it is necessary to have a balance on your mobile, because the message is sent to the bank through your mobile, so you should have a ₹ 1 to ₹ 2 balance on your mobile.


  1. I will tell you how to create a PIN through the PhonePe App, first, you have to sign in to PhonePe App by giving your mobile number.


Download & Install Now PhonePe App

  1. Now you will be asked to add a bank account, now click on the add bank account, now the message will be sent to the bank through your mobile.


  1. As soon as your mobile number is verified by the bank, after that you will be asked to fill in the details of the ATM or Debit card, you will need the last 6 digits of the ATM or Debit card and its expiry date and CVV Number has to be entered and click on OK button.


  1. Now your details will be re-verified by the bank and if your details are correct, now you will be given to generate the MPIN, it is 4 or 6 digits, it will be on your bank Depends, now OTP will come on your mobile number, you have to enter that OTP, after that you have to set the pin as per your wish.


  1. As soon as you type in MPIN twice, your MPIN will be generated, after that you can send or demand money from anyone, then by doing this you can generate MPIN.


How to keep mobile banking secure

Security is a big deal in today’s digital world. If it is spoken on the subject of the bank then it is even more important. How to keep mobile banking safe, there are many ways to keep mobile banking safe, so that your mobile banking can be kept safe.


  • Keep the MPIN a secret.
  • Register your own mobile number SIM for mobile banking.
  • Beware of Fake Messages and Fake Calls.

keep in secret

Security is a big deal, one mistake will empty your bank account. Security is a big deal for mobile banking. Set your MPIN code in such a way that you can easily remember it. MPIN should not be written anywhere.


Set the same type of MPIN number, which you will always remember easily. If your mobile is lost, it gets stolen, if you have written the code of MPIN, then someone can transfer all your money easily.


Register your own mobile number SIM for Mobile Banking

Register for Mobile Banking by registering the mobile number to be issued in your name. SIM cards can be destroyed at any time. Mobile can be lost it can be stolen. If there is a SIM card issued in the name of another, then you cannot issue the SIM card of the same number again.


If any message comes towards the bank, then because of your prime mobile phone number, it remains active at all times and you will always have it nearby. With which you can do the business of mobile banking whenever you want.


Beware of Fake Messages and Fake Calls

In today’s time, by using different types of internet-based services, you can manipulate your bank account by taking your secrete by calling your mobile number by message or then. You must be heard daily in the news that money has disappeared from Umka’s bank account.


Similarly, you can manipulate your bank account by making messages and fake calls. At all times, attention should be paid to the fake call or fake message.

Where is the MPIN used?

Where there is an online money transition through mobile banking. MPIN is used there.


  • Mobile Banking
  • USSD Banking
  • UPI Apps
  • money transition through IMPS
  • money transition through RTGS
  • money transition through NEFT
  • SMS Banking

Mobile Banking Mobile Banking App

There are many government banks and private banks in our country. Banks have given mobile banking to their customers for easy conveniences, such as mobile banking apps, iMobile, SBI YONO, ICICI’s iMobile, etc. given by banks.


USSD Banking

The biggest advantage of USSD Banking is that you do not need any internet for this. Due to no mobile network at any place, you can take advantage of USSD Banking. You get instant information in USSD Banking.


Like you have to check your bank balance. In this work sending money is easily done by giving MPIN. For this you need MPIN. By giving MPIN your work gets done easily.


UPI Apps

UPI is a Full Form ( Unified Payments Interface ). Which you can do any type of online money transaction. You can make all kinds of payments through it.


There are many such things as making online payments, you can easily pay from your mobile. For this you need min. Your online payment is possible only after giving the MPIN code. MPIN is very important for this.



Fund transfer is donein IMPS . The money reaches immediately. If the consumer uses mobile banking, then you need MPIN instead of a transaction password to send money to you.



RTGS This is a medium to send money. This is also a medium given in mobile banking. To send money on this method, you have to give the MPIN instead of the transaction password. Money is transferred by entering MPIN.



This has also been given by banks to transfer money to your customer’s mobile banking. With this method, you have to give the code of the MPIN instead of the transaction password. Money cannot be transacted by not entering the MPIN code.


SMS Banking

Banks have given you the facility of SMS Banking to your customers. This is not very popular in India, you can also do money transactions with this method. This is where you need the MPIN as well.


FAQ (some frequently asked questions)

  1. What is the MPIN Number?

Answer: The full form of MPIN is Mobile Banking Personal Identification Number. The consumer registers for mobile banking, at the same time this man is given to the consumer by the bank. MPIN can be 4 or more 6 digits. In mobile banking, you can do mobile transactions only after giving the MPIN number.


  1. Are MPIN and UPI PIN the same?

Answer: MPIN and UPI PIN are different. MPIN is a mobile banking personal identification number. After giving the MPIN code, you can do any type of mobile banking transaction like IMPS, RTGS, or NEFT. Authenticates UPI PIN for UPI-based payments.


  1. What is 4 digit MPIN?

Answer: mPIN acts as a password to make money transactions in mobile banking. Without mPIN, you cannot use the mobile app. While registering for mobile banking, the bank gives this code to its customer, it is of 4 digits and in some banks, it is 6 digits.


  1. What is MPIN in a bank account?

Answer: MPIN is a personal identification code in mobile banking. While registering for mobile banking, the bank code is given to your customer. To transact in your bank account, you must enter the MPIN code to log in to the mobile app for fund transfer.

  1. What is the complete form of MPIN?

Answer: The full form of MPIN is Mobile Banking Personal Identification Number.


  1. What is MPIN and where is it used?

Answer: MPIN is a kind of security code, which is four digits, which can be used by citizens for financial transactions through their mobile banking.


7. How citizens can get MPIN on their mobile?

Answer: Citizens can also obtain MPIN by creating their MPIN on their mobile through USSD and UPI app or by registering with the bank.


  1. Where can MPIN be used?

Answer: MPIN can be used by the applicant for Mobile Banking, UPI App, IVR, SMS Banking, IMPS, USSD Banking, etc.


  1. What are the benefits of MPIN?

Answer: As we told you that this is a kind of security code through which your online transaction is safe, without MPIN you cannot do the transaction.


  1. How applicant citizens can generate their MPIN?

Answer: Applicant citizens who want to generate their MPIN can read the above-given procedure to generate it

Conclusion MPIN Full Form

I hope what is MPIN? What is MPIN Full Form? This small effort has been made to explain all this in this article. Thank you all very much for giving your valuable time to reading this article. Do you have any doubts about this article or something else that can be improved in the article? what is 4 digit pin?


So please comment below if you have what is MPIN? What is MPIN Full Form? If you liked this article or got to learn something from our article, then please do share our article with your friends on your friend circle social network site on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest social media site



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