Who is Mukesh Kumar Dhami

Who is Mukesh Kumar Dhami | Mukesh Kumar Dhami Kon Hai

Guys, If you are searching on google baba Who is Mukesh Kumar Dhami, and what is his current profession are doing. Then you are in 100% right place. In This post, I will describe who is Mukesh Dhami (Mukesh Kumar Dhami Kon Hai) and what is his current profession.


Introduction Of Mukesh Kumar Dhami

Mukesh Kumar Dhami was born in the beautiful place of Jharkhand that is Bokaro Thermal   That short name is BTPS. His childhood or primary education was done in his village. After primary education, his secondary education was also done in his village’s college. Then after he went to Ranchi The capital of Jharkhand to complete his education.

After the completion of his full education, he worked in reliance fresh for the monthly wages of 6000rs. He also does Network Marketing business in a Well reputed company that is IMC International Marketing Corporation.

The life story of Mukesh Kumar Dhami.

When Mukesh Dhami used to earn 6000rs  less every month then he met Sanjay Sahu sir and he invited him to his daughter’s birthday party. A poor man does not spend as much at his daughter’s party as Sanjay Sahu sir did at his daughter’s birthday party.

Mukesh Kumar Dhami sir quietly took dinner from him and left after giving 100 in an envelope. After coming home, he thinks, after all, what work does this man do. Later he met Sanjay Shu sir again and took the all details of the business from him and joined India’s fastest-growing Network Marketing  Company (IMC). Today Mukesh sir also earns lakhs. At the present time, he is a chairman of team ss that is a part of IMC Group.

Social Profile Of Mukesh Kumar Dhami.

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